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Tourism, Art and Culture
Erasmus plus Funded 

Reducing marginalization through
art and culture

The WB-TAC project was realized with the aim of reducing marginalization through art and culture.
There will be four meetings: Lanciano - Italy; London - England; Constanta - Romania; Valencia - Spain.

Transnational Meetings

The applicant has devised and piloted an Empowering programme through art and culture called "Museum Mediator" for IVET students which was a great success. We now wish to share and improve the programme with the help of a network of European partners, working together towards achieving transparency and recognition of non-formal skills and qualifications to facilitate learning, empower and employability.

Our Empowering programme adds value by offering a training scheme that equips and empowers beneficiaries with entrepreneurship, like team-work and communication skills, leading to active citizenship and sustainable employment. The training programme is designed in a way that the students can record both their professional and personal goals through the use of the Individual Development Plan.

The proposal builds on the UK approach to student-centred learning and work-based learning, offering an innovative pedagogical approach to partner nations. The curriculum materials will offer a formal training route, and opportunities for national and ECVET certification will be explored.

The empowering programme that we wish to share, improve and standardise is based on an empirical approach, offering immediate solutions in work-based learning and to help beneficiaries into active citizenship and consequently into sustainable employment. The tangible results of the project will also lead to the development of better quality assurance mechanisms by identifying clear statements of learning outcomes.

We will work together to bring in good/better practices, improve the materials of the Empowering programme and standardise it, with inputs from 6 partners representing 4 EU countries. We are all seeking to enhance the “boost to empowerment” through art and culture to train enterpreuneurial skills for IVET students. We want to design the most appropriate curriculum and pedagogy, using the knowledge of all the partners. We acknowledge the different pedagogical approaches of partners/nations, yet also seek to be uniform in our approach.

The impact will be that we develop a common curriculum which we all own – both as intellectual property and “own” in terms of our commitment to its quality delivery. The main target groups will be staff of the partner organisations (teacher/trainers/curriculum developer), which will benefit directly from the developments of the project and consequently their target group which is NEETs, Minority groups and students which has shown interest on an empowerment programme

The current proposal will build and strengthen a network of European providers, enabling them to deliver a standardised empowering through art and culture curriculum, build organisational capacity and collaboratively work towards achieving results that tackle EU's 2020 Strategy and foster CVET learning within the trainers/teachers and create a standardard format of training IVET students to empower them with art and culture.

Group from 2015
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