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CPA di G Bomba
Get to know the NGO Sector
The  European project "Causeland: Get to Know the NGO Sector" has the objective of promoting the sector of Non Governamental Organisations (NGO) on an EU level with the objective of strenghtening the skills of professionals already active in the field and give young people interested in the sector a full view of how it is possible to engage in the society. The project is being implemented by 5 partners in 4 EU countries: Bulgaria (lead), Italy, Iceland and Romania.

The project partership is creating different materials that the target group will be able to use:

Step-by-step Guide: a comprehensive training material that provides key informations on the NGO sector with insights and tips provided by professionals active in the field. The guide contains videos and interactive presentations as well.

If you have never heard of the NGO sector or you are a newcomer, get your information HERE

If you are already involved in the NGO sector and you want to strengthen your knowlege click HERE (English version) or HERE (Italian version)

Gamified learning experience of the guide: the "Causeland Ambassador" Online course was carried out in during the months of May and June online with engagement of more than 30 people active and/or interested in the sector. During the 8-weeks course the participants had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge and competences through project work and group activities in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

Board game "Causeland": to have better understanding the importance and value of the work of the NGO is important to inspire people and make them approach the topic in an innovative and fun way. This educational game provides an engaging and fun way to learn about the NGO world. Users can assume specific roles to simulate real-life scenarios, allowing them to enhance their communication, problem-solving, empathy, teamwork, and decision-making skills. The game is available for download in English, click HERE
The Causeland project partners are working on the project and meet regularly online to discuss the progress of the project and review the activities. During key periods of the project the partnership meets face-to-face for a more in-depth and efficient discussion.

  • TPM 1 - Bulgaria, Sofia 9-10 April 2022
  • TPM 2 - Romania, Bucharest 5-6 December 2022
  • TPM 3 - Italy, Lanciano - 24-25 October 2023
Added value to the project was the Learning, Teaching, Training Activity (LTTA) carried out in Reykjavik,  Iceland from the 24 - 30 April 2023. This event served as a platform for 25 participants from 4 EU countries to learn and confront for the benefit of the NGO sector in all the European Union. The participants, through visits to established NGOs and interactive workshops, had the possibility to have an in-depth insight on the sector inspiring their action and their motivation.
Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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