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CPA di G Bomba
Teacher Training
Overcome difficult situations in the classroom
Teacher Training in Italy
Effective Training

Overcome difficult situations in the classroom
by advocating non-violent behavior and tolerance
between students and trainers

Our training uses art-therapy techniques combined with the SMILE coaching system, we will design a course based on your pupils age group.

  • Provide theory and concepts about creativity, art and coaching and its use in learning
  • Acquire or raise the level of creative and coaching skills to use at personal and professional level
  • Provide methods and practical tools to stimulate the development of alternative approach
  • Gain knowledge on how to transfer the acquired competences to the learning environment, for students, pupils and trainees.
  • Explore different tools and acquire more efficient communication tools.

Below  you can find all info regarding program, costs, venue and logistics.  The main language of the program is English since it would be attending  people from different countries.
SMILE Project (possibly funded by Erasmus +).

Target groups:
Teachers  (pre-school, primary, secondary, vocational, adult, special needs),  trainers, staff from adult education organizations or schools,  educational guides and counselors, head teachers/ managers of schools,  adult education professionals,

Dates and Places:
We  are flexible and can arrange it to your need, we will provide a course  just for your group and the objectives will be set to the age of your  pupils.
These dates are of the training schedule. You have to count with 2 extra days of travel (1 for arrival + 1 for departure)

The program is divided in 5 working days as following:
1st Day – Welcome, Creativity and Creative Thinking
2nd Day – Creativity tools and methods, Experience art as a tool of communication
3rd Day – Creative and Coaching tools to use in education and communication with pupils
4th Day – Non-Formal methods in Education
5th Day – Follow Up, Evaluation
The schedule will be 6 working hours per day as following:
09:00 – 13:00 14:30 – 16:30

Our  methodology will be based on a balance between theory and practice,  using formal and non-formal methods to make the participants to develop  their creative and coaching skills and be able to transfer them to their  work. The participants will cooperate and develop some activities in  small groups. We support the learning process of each participant and  the self-assessment of the competences acquired.  We will also teach  some coaching techniques for the teacher to overcome difficult  situations.

The course will be conducted in English.

Accommodation and travels (covered by Erasmus +):
  • Your school or organization should take care of this for you, according to your needs.
  • If  you need our support, please request more information to know the  conditions, and we ensure all logistics (transport from airport to the  venue, accommodation, meals, local transportation). We can provide you  with some alternatives.

If you want to attend the course without having an EU grant, contact us.
We  can adjust the fees to help you, however keep in mind that you still  have to cover the other costs: travel, insurance, accommodation and  meals.
Contact us now.
Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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