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CPA di G Bomba

Booming coastling thanks to Trabocchi in Abruzzo, Italy
Rural Tourism Development

The challenge to offer Sustainable rural tourism is faced by many communities around Europe and beyond. Our course examines and looks to resolve the issues faced by shrinking populations and strategies to enrich communities with their local natural resources.

We will examine in a dynamic and interactive way;

  • Historical and contemporary dynamics around depopulation in Europe
  • How re-population and tourism is connected with employment in rural areas
  • Recover ancient villages through community development and promotion of local heritage
  • Sustainable business activities such as ethical tourism and bio-architecture
  • How to create connections and networks within rural communities (and villages) through social media and IT tools
  • How cooperation activities could benefit local communities, including the role of international migration and integration practices

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Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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