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Created by
CPA di G Bomba
Learn Find Tell Act:
Media, digital and inclusion at EU level
The  European project Learn-Find-Tell-Act has involved young people with  disadvantages who were willing to develop and strengthen their  competences in the field of media and digital literacy. The project has  involved 6 EU nations (Italy, Romania, Greece, Turkey, Lithuania and UK)  and it has allowed 50 young people and 12 youth workers to enhance  their knowledge, skills and competences in the use of media and the new  digital technology.
The project, always  taking into consideration the objective of inclusion, included a  specific work on the issue of refugees to better understand the reasons,  causes and conditions of this phenomenon which is more and more  important in today’s society.
The  participants had the occasion of having a first-hand approach with these  themes, through workshops, meeting with experts and activities focused  on their development.
The 50 young  people engaged in the project have participated in a 2-weeks training in  which they had the possibilities of confronting themselves with their  peers. The first week of training was held in February 2020 in Turkey  (Aidyn), in which the participants focused on the development of  competences in the production of audio-video materials (professional  photos and videos). The second week of training was held in July 2020 in  Greece (Preveza). During the week the participants focused on  communication and use of social media, confronting themselves on the  themes of fake news, how to distinguish them and which are the most  effective instruments for online communication, the dangers of web and  the value social media have on the Z generation.
The  2-weeks training have involved meetings with experts and testimonials  of people who has worked with refugees to make the participants  understand better the value of inclusion and of a welcoming  and open  spirit.
Turkey, February 2020
Greece, July 2020
The project didn’t stop with the participants but  continued in the partner countries through the testimonials the  participants shared with their peers to make them better understand the  topics of hospitality and to make them have more information on media  and digital literacy. This activity continued even during the pandemics  through the use of new technologies like videocalls and webinars.
The project has created:
-bite  lessons in which the youth workers active in the project have provided  tips regarding audio-video production, marketing strategies and so on.
-creation  of a booklet which will help better understand the situation of media  and digital literacy in the partner countries and the programmes created  in order to develop media and digital skills.
-flash-mob:  during the training week in Greece the participants created a flash-mob  involving the local people in order to make them understand in an  innovative and fun way the theme of migration and hospitality.
Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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