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CPA di G Bomba
Training Languages without Grammar
Activities of language Learning without Grammar Training for educators

1. day
Travel, Arrival and welcome

2. day
Meeting other students from the country and “learning through doing”
     to great and meet the other students.
     Ice breaking coaching techniques.
     Peer learning through other students of the Italian Language

3. day
“Learning through doing” – Sports day  
     activities will be done in a way that all students have to learn sport voculaborary whiles doing a sport activity.
     Understanding of sport vocabulary
     Understanding of doing things vocabulary
4. day
“Learning through doing” – Cooking and learning
     Visit of an Oil mill and production of oil or in alternative wine and it’s vocabulary
     Cooking together an Italian meal and learning the vocabulary
     Intercultural evening with local students

5. day
“Leaning through doing” – Living museum Lanciano
     Learning the history of the city and how to explain things
      creating a treasure hunt

6. day
“Learning through doing”
     creating a treasure hunt
     Trying out the treasure hunt
Good bye, Departure, travel

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Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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