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CPA di G Bomba
Digital Soft Skills
Digital skills for Entrepreneurs
Digital Enterprise and rural development
Digital Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship is an arena for social, economic and political action. We have developed new innovative pathways in digital with a focus on Smartworking and its challenges. Creative thinking is one of the principal soft-skills for entrepreneurs and developing careers. We provide trainers with the tools necessary to help young people develop creative thinking making them able to apply it in their current and future jobs.

Training courses available;

Entrepreneurial Skills
Smart Working and Video Conferencing
Interactive Games
Tools for Training, Motivating participants and MOCC (Moodle)

Into The Digital World
The “Into the Digital World” Online course  was created taking into consideration the needs of young people in today’s society and has the objective to provide Youth workers/trainers/mentors active in the field of youth with necessary skills and soft-skills to better guide young people, especially those in disadvantaged conditions.
The course consists in 4 units, each dedicated to a specific topic. All units  include explanations, examples and interactive exercises that will help you develop your digital and soft-skills.

Young Migrant Entrepreneurs
The Young Migrant Entrepreneurs (YME) project focuses on providing entrepreneurial support for strengthening the skills of young workers and migrants.

  • Delivering entrepreneurial skills-building support
  • Reinforcing links between youth work policy and migrant policy
  • Promoting better knowledge about the situation of young migrants
  • Recognition and validation of youth work and informal non-formal entrepreneurial learning
  • Mentoring/Youth Worker schemes for young migrants and young migrant would-be entrepreneurs.
  • Approaches to the assessment of entrepreneurial competences
  • Developing the competences of youth workers and youth trainers

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Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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