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CPA di G Bomba
an important opportunity for personal and professional growth
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Working Abroad
A Placement Abroad is important for your career  
Coming  to work in Lanciano, Central Italy is not just about improving your language ability, it is an important opportunity for personal and  professional growth. Our results since 2004, show that a sustained period abroad offers a concrete advantage against others in the work  place, solid training in many skills, thorough language training and  improved European integration.

We are located in Lanciano, Central Italy, in the Abruzzo region.
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in Italy
We offer the following to Participants:

  • Funding (part or full);
  • Coaching and a Personal Development Plan;
  • CV Preparation;
  • short and long term work experience in local industry;
  • Transport and accommodation;
  • Regular monitoring on site and remotely;
Export and Marketing

We have various  companies looking for help in their marketing and  export offices, where  language skills and an appropriate education are  useful. One example of a  successful internship was at a company who  hunted for, processed,  packaged and sold truffles to high end clients.
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
Their role has been to  carry out market research   and understanding the products and the market, research which   restaurants use truffles, the process the company acquires them, and the   different ways to process them, help to improve the web-site by   proof-reading the English, understanding of how to package and ship the   product. Required was a flare in marketing, IT capable, enthusiasm and  determination and strong language skills.
Events Manager

Event management develops large-scale projects   where you work with a team to pull the creative vision together. For   one example, a group of interns worked with a local association on a   festival called Picnic Lovers,  and were involved in the marketing, design, event hosting, administration, photography, documentation, research for PR contacts, time management.
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
Event managers are creative people who like to run the show using their brilliant multi-tasking skills and personable   nature. You will learn how to bring ideas to life and may spend time   coming up with creative themes and formats, and liaising, organising and communicating with clients.
IT Department and Repairs

For high level software engineering, there are   various opportunities, one is for a manufacture of software / simulator for race events and training the next generation of racers. Java   development and working with the AndEngine; Setting up scene   management, Touch screen controls, XML graphic loading and positioning,
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
Advancing debugging skills to help solve problems in the code, Working  more with graphics to improve the  look and feel of the game, Creating tile sets to allow easy map set up.  The challenge of converting knowledge and using it in a practical  environment and not just in a college or university class room.
Welding and Metal Fabricators

The area has many metal fabricators and assembly factories so we had no trouble placing welders in different companies for 4 month placements where they,

Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
welded car panels, learnt to distinguish between the common metals, recognize common shop materials (channel, tubing, elbows, flanges, etc.) and structural members (I-beams, trusses, girders, etc.) and understand the basic metalworking processes (especially heat treatment) and vocabulary. Several have been offered jobs or given bonuses.
Hair and Beauty
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy

With such a high-quality image, Italian hairdressing requires a large range of skills. Leaning how things in the salon work, shadow and help treatments, manicures on clients. Modelling pictures to advertise what styles they can do with long hair, Created a slide show presentation on the salon. Openness, confidence and commitment, Timing and Planning, Organise day to day activities and presentation. It enriches communication skills through continuous collaboration with peers and trainers. It enhances skill development through work-based experience. The students learn how to promote the purchase or selling of a product or service, and they also developing marketing skills.
Mechanical Engineering
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy

Big industries in the area, specialist  robotics and architecture are constantly looking for technical designers  with specialist software. Mechanical   Engineer; CAD design using Solid  Edge;   Redesign of CTA from AutoCAD into Solid Edge,

Design of  PMF-1.5. PMF is a   series of pincers for picking up pipes and tubes,  Redesign of the Jumbo. The   Jumbo is a machine similar to a forklift in  size with an arm similar to a   digger on the front where many  different tools, designing a new hydraulic system for the robotic arm. Understanding    of how to use AutoCAD, Advanced understanding with using Solid Edge,    Experience with using simulation tool to undertake FEA for stress and  heat   transfer.  
Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism is another major industry for the area, the promotion of holidays, specialist farms, funding, sale of property to foreigners and specialised production of olive oil and wine.

Promotion Office; creation of a series of itineraries  which tell visitors the best places to experience culture, tradition, nature etc.      
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
in the Abruzzo region, Designing a poster, depicting some of Lanciano’s important buildings, Creating illustrations for the website to make it more visually appealing to potential tourists.
updating the Comune di Lanciano website and the promotion of tourism in the area, Creating detailed itineraries which include the interesting places and events to visit in the Abruzzo region, Contacting a selection of travel companies who are interested in bringing tours to the Lanciano area, Practicing organizational and social skills in the workplace, Keeping up-to-date with all the itineraries which need to be completed for certain deadlines or in time for meetings, Saving all documents safely and neatly on the work computer.

International real estate
Created promotional material for advertising the different services (Video, Social media),
Research on Expat communities in different countries
Agritourism - helping in the farm which sells and cooks produce grown and raised on their own farm, via a shop and restaurant.   
Sport Assistant
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy

The local market has a vibrant sports service and market. There are all types of sports available, most for afternoon and evening jobs / placements. Sports Assistant; Assisting members in the swimming pool   

and weights gym. A great way to meet a lot of local peopple and create friendships with the people at work, developing your knowledge about health and fitness.  
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
A popular request is working in an office doing general administrative activities, working on MS Office products, updating websites and social media and general use of normal office equipment. Many companies like having foreign assistance, and offer varried roles and opportunities.   

There are different types of office job, for example when you work as a secretary or administrative assistant, you have to write or transcribe letters and e-mail communications, make travel arrangements, make calculations and prepare expenses' reports or department budgets.
Museum Mediator
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy

The museum mediator is a professional figure that has tourist, linguistic and cultural skills. Through him, art becomes tourism. The Museum Mediator is able to communicate and communicate with different people in a museum.

A person who manages to weave relationships with visitors, including international ones, so as to make knowledge and the encounter with culture enjoyable. The Museum Mediator also deals with educational, tourist and informal learning activities of museum institutions, creating social relations with the different public of cultural heritage.
TV, Media and Vlogger
One of our closest partners is a local TV station who will happily consideer young participants interested in and studying this field. It offers real, hands on experience in TV, Media and journalism. A popular placement for companies is to have a participant who can create small videos or "Vlogs".

These videos deal with the most diverse themes based on the interests of their creators and are "posted" on the web one or more times a week. The contents are multiple, can be created for entertainment or for educational purposes. The Vlog in recent years have had an exponential success thanks to the fact of showing and influencing how to do something in a simple and intuitive way.
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
Car Mechanics
Shop Assistant
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
Work Experience placements in Lanciano, Abruzzo, Central Italy
Other sectors;
We have a long list of sectors available, other placements which we have filled are in ;
Wedding dress designer - Atelier
Specialised robots
Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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