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Inclusion is
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Placements - Mobilities
A Placement Abroad is important for your career  
Comming to work in Lanciano, Central Italy is not just about improving your language ability, it is an important opportunity for personal and professional growth. Our results since 2004, show that a sustained period abroad offers a concrete advantage against others in the work place, solid training in many skills, thorough language training and improved European integration.

Digital Enterprise
Digital Literacy in the 21st century are skills with a key role in our future society. Everybody will need digital skills and a flexible approach in their professional and personal lives.
The course is available in English, Italian, Spanish and Polish
Helping you work within Europe through Digitalisation
Erasmus+ Club
Discuss, confront yourself and create an impact for a Media Smart World with up to 10 other European countries.
A digital and monthly conference, part on-line and part in-person for an interactive, hybrid and international experience. Sign up now -

  • Entrepreneurial Skills
  • Smart Working and Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Games
  • Tools for Training, Motivating participants and MOCC (Moodle)

Soft Skills

We are located in Lanciano,
Chieti Province, Abruzzo,
Central Italy
Helping you work within Europe through Inclusion
Connect Abruzzo
Villa Andreoli 59/a, 66034 Lanciano (CH), Italia.
Tel +39 0872 43298  
Part. IVA 01889030696

Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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