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CPA di G Bomba
European funding Erasmus plus
Sustainable cultural and heritage
event organiser with new technology
Transfer&Empower: A life experience for social inclusion
“What does it mean to truly include people with disability and in disadvantaged conditions (geographic, economic, health issues, migratory background) in the society and in the job’s market?” this is the question Logosabile Onlus and Borderland without barriers asked themselves to develop the project “Transfer&Empower”. T&E gave 20 young people with disability and/or in disadvantaged conditions the opportunity to be part of a pathway which allowed them to increase and strengthen their competences and skills both on a professional level, providing them with digital and entrepreneurial skills, and on a personal level, increasing their self-esteem, creativity and sense of initiative. These young people who took part in a professional course within their “Alternanza Scuola-Lavoro” (13)pathway (vocational institute (4) and after diploma (3)), came from the provinces of Chieti and Pescara.
The participants took part in a Mobility of 16 days (2 travel) in Poland, following a professional and innovative course which involved new technologies. In Poland they took part in a work-based experience in the field of Event’s organisation (theme inclusion) with the creation of a final vlog. It consisted of an innovative pathway which made use of student-centred and work-based techniques having as core the needs of the target group and allowing them to fully reach the foreseen objectives. T&E provided a professional training in digitalisation, entrepreneurship, occupability, coaching, internationalisation, intercultural spirit, problem solving and team work awarding the participants, at the end, with a certificate level EQF 3 as “Sustainable Cultural and Heritage Event Organiser”. The participants have resulted as more employable, more self-confident and independent enhancing their personal and their families’ wellbeing thus creating sustainable pathways where not only the single participants but also their families and communities could benefit, with a positive impact at a local level: young people more self-confident and optimistic towards their future, more active in the national and EU society with a decrease of the drop-out and NEETs rates.
Rural development in Italy
T&E developed the 8 key competences defined by EU improving the skills of young people with disability and disadvantaged conditions and responding to the needs highlighted by the dall’Osservatorio Nazionale nella Conferenza Naz. sulle politiche per la disabilità, minimizing the process of exclusion of the disabled and fostering inclusion ones.
Different goals were met:
-entrepreneurship and autonomous work (some of the participants are considering to be involved their family’s business bringing innovation)
-create pathways of international cooperation (LogosAbile, Borderland e The Chamber of commerce of Slesia are willing to create new Erasmus project’s in the future)
-create pathways which people with disability and with special needs can have access to through scholarships (20 young people)
-make people with disabilities and special needs more independent, allowing them to be able to be creators of their own destiny, having provided them with the instruments they needed in order to reach their objectives – 3 have started an educational pathway in the sector, 3 risk drop-out students have improved their academic performances and will arrive at the end of their educational career, 7 participants are now more sociable and active in their communities. Each participant has obtained from ECVET credits (to be used in EQF 3 courses). The competences have been registered on the personal logbook of competences as defined in D.lgs. 13/13 (Europass), an ECVET certificate and the Europass Mobility Certificate have been provided as well.
The Testimonials

After the 16 days' mobility in Poland with had an interview with the participants and we have collected their impressions and opinions on the experience, which has proved to be positive for everybody. The participants were enthusiastic of their experience. Everybody has demostrated to be more self-confident and aware of their competences improving their personal and professional life in the field of organisation of events.
Created by
CPA di G Bomba
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